Skygazers across much of North America have been posting photos of the northern lights from Thursday night, and you could be in luck for another viewing on Friday night.

Very strong geomagnetic storms resulted in the northern lights extending much further south than usual. National Weather Services in Sacramento on Thursday expected the phenomenon to reach as far south as northern California and Alabama on Thursday night.

Andrea Gervais snapped these photos with her iPhone of the auroras tickling Saskatchewan's living skies on Thursday night near Hitchcock.

northern lights

northern lights

northern lights

Good news if you missed it on Thursday night. Significant geomagnetic storm activity is continuing early Friday, and has the potential to cause visible auroras by nighttime.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association issued an updated forecast early Friday morning saying there is a strong likelihood of auroras for most of Canada above the 49th parallel. 

Environment Canada is forecasting a partly-cloudy night, with the temperature bottoming out around -13 C.

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