The southeast had a decently-sized system roll through overnight, leaving plenty of moisture in puddles.

This rain was a bit calmer compared to the summer storms that rolled overhead, with no thunder reported.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang explains just how much precipitation the Estevan area received.

"The Estevan station came in with 6.5 millimeters, that bumps up the monthly amount o 7.5 millimeters, so it's been quite a dry month so far. In other places, we don't have as many stations, but they were in the 5-7 millimeter range as well."

With warmer temperatures coming next week along with sunny skies, it's unlikely that much more rain will be coming down before the month ends.

If that's the case, we'll see a drier than normal September, an already dry month.

"Generally September is a dry month, but I think the average is higher than that so I think it's going to run on the dryer side," said Lang, "Especially because there hasn't been a month. It'll come in as a dry month, for sure."

There is still a chance for rain this weekend, as the current system is still bringing up a bit of moisture from the south.

"It's a low-pressure system that moves through Montana through to North Dakota. So as the low-pressure system rotates counter clockwise, it wraps up the moisture from the south and sort of spins it around," said Lang, "So you're getting the wash now around from the northwest to the southeast provinces. Not much left though, just a few showers here and there.