November is reaching its end which means it's time to take a look at YOUR furry friends who entered this month's Perfect Pet Contest.

Starting off with Kruzer! He's definitely a Kruzer even at 16.5 years old! 


Next, meet Sage! Sage is a 2 year old English Springer Spaniel. She loves to cuddle and play! She is a tad spoiled as you can tell. Every morning when I get up to shower She goes to my pillow and snuggles in. I snapped this pic the other morning because she looked so cute.


Next, It's Sky! Sky is a 3year old cockapoo. She loves to play ball , lounge on the couch like a human, and do tricks!


And here we have Maggie! She is a mixed breed and a mixed bag of mischief, sweetness, snuggles and exuberance! She’s a leaping through the leaves machine, and although she is only 12 weeks old, she has her owners trained quite well!


Willow is a golden retriever/Siberian husky cross or also called a Goberian. She is 4 years old. She loves to run and play and chase gophers. She is very smart. She can count to 3, shake a paw, high five, sit, and knows all of her toys by name. She has had TPLO surgery on both back legs because she likes to run too hard but has fully recovered from both surgeries. She is a very lovable dog.


Meet Teeter-Meep Tootoos! Teeter is a 9-month-old mixed breed doeling goat. She was born at the Mutton ranch and I bottle-fed her the first few months of her life. She lived in our home for the first 2 months because she was born in February and she needed to be kept warm. She is so cute and the neighbor's 3 Pyrenees dogs guard her and our horses. She loves to play and ride in the gator. She rides in my kayak too! And loves getting scratches.


And finally, introducing Angel.

Angel's human, Brenda, had this to say: "Angel is my best friend, she came to me when I needed her the most,I would be lost with out her."

A dog hanging out in a pool in a backyard

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