The temperature is dropping this week after storms warmed up the southeast last week, potentially bringing damaging frosts.

Cold air is rushing into the southeast to fill up the space left after the stormy system, pushing temperatures down well below normal.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Brian Proctor details the cooler period settling onto the Estevan area.

"We're gonna definitely cool things down. Looking at a high of 16 today, 17 Wednesday, 13 Thursday, and 12 Friday as we try and finally get this cold trough aloft, rotated through, and then we start warming up as we move through the weekend, 18,19, 21 for the start of the final work week of May."

"We're definitely a little cool, a little unsettled with overnight lows, even getting down to about the two-degree mark for a few days. But we're starting to warm things up as we move through the weekend."

With the plunging overnight temperatures, Proctor says people with their gardens planted may need to watch for frost.

"I think we could see some patchy frost around out of this situation. Oftentimes when we see temperatures get to two, you see a ground frost below that. The more likely possibility of getting some frost will likely be, I think probably tomorrow night than it will be tonight. We probably will have a bit of a wind up tonight, which should help keep the risk of frost minimalized for this evening, but more chance for tomorrow night." 

While that frost will also be dangerous for farmers, Proctor says that the moisture that preceded the rain was well worth the risk.

"It's going to be a bit of cool but unsettled conditions out there, it's gonna be difficult for those people to trying to get work done on their land, but we definitely need this moisture. So we've definitely done a lot to alleviate some of the concerns we've had about the ongoing drought conditions."