As the province continues to celebrate coaches this week during National Coaches Week, some praise for coaches in the southeast is coming in.

A DiscoverEstevan Facebook post garnered a lot of appreciation for coaches across a range of sports.

Amy Gal, who has two daughters in the Estevan Recreational Dance Club, said Brooke Wilson, who is the studio director and founder of the club, deserves some recognition this week.

"She's been able to be successful through everything, kept it going," Gal said. "As a person, she's really awesome too, she really cares about her students. She's just very very very supportive."

Gal added that Wilson has managed to grow the club every year in terms of the number of dancers.

Meanwhile, commenters on our DiscoverEstevan Facebook page congratulated several other coaches:

"Bryton Such and Mike Fisher for championing for U14 boys to grow as volleyball players and all around human beings in our community," said Maeribeth Sullivan.

"Tyson King and Chris Bezaire at the Estevan Combat Sports & Fitness. Their skills and knowledge are impressive. Always had great workouts," said Emily Shtykova.

"All the coaches at Sharks Water Polo. They are fantastic," Tracey Ward said.

"Jennifer Howie Olfert at Jofit..she is the best. Best motivator ever," commented Jade Fichter.

"Rebecca Fedyk  deserves a shout out. The Estevan Gymnastics Club would be lost without her," Mary Stubel said. 

"All the Estevan Minor Football coaches deserve a shout out," Santana Scott said.

National Coaches Week runs until Sunday across Canada.