The Government of Saskatchewan introduced the Saskatchewan Revenue Agency Act today, stating that the new agency would be founded to pursue greater autonomy in tax collection.

"This Act is among the steps our government is taking to protect and defend Saskatchewan's economic autonomy, industries, and jobs from federal intrusion and constitutional overreach," Deputy Premier and Finance Minister Donna Harpauer said.

The Act creates the framework for a new Treasury Board Crown corporation, the Saskatchewan Revenue Agency. The SRA would be responsible for administering taxes and related programs in Saskatchewan, including taking control of the provincial portion of the corporate income tax system from the federal government.

The Bill contains the standard provisions required to establish a new government agency, including its purpose, powers, overarching governance structure, accountabilities, and regulation-making authority.

In-depth, multi-year work is now set to begin on establishing a structure of a new provincial corporate income tax system. The province says it will develop strategies to maximize value for taxpayers and address Saskatchewan's needs. 

"The Saskatchewan Revenue Agency Act is the first step in a larger undertaking related to transforming the province's corporate income tax system. This transition demonstrates that our government will take the necessary action to stand up for Saskatchewan," Harpauer said.