Racers from southeast Saskatchewan and throughout the American midwest are flocking to the Estevan Motor Speedway to prove that they're 'tougher than dirt'. 

Tonight is the only night the Tougher than Dirt series makes its way outside of North Dakota. Several racers made their way north for Night 4 of the competition.

"I've been paying close attention, they have really good numbers and really good competition. Not only do we have a lot of our locals competing in it, a lot of people from North Dakota and as far as Iowa that I've seen so far. So it's bringing some great competition and that's been going on for a handful of years," shared Speedway president Brad Pierson. 

While the majority of the racers in the series are American, southeast Saskatchewan racers are showing their stripes. In the first three days of the series, four of the top 10 spot of the IMCA Northern Sportmod standings are taken up by local racers. 

  • #22 - Keenan Glasser (Estevan, SK) - 4th position with 109 points
  • #19 - Quentin Skjerdal (Weyburn, SK) - 8th position with 93 points
  • #25 - Leevi Runge (Lampman, SK) - 9th position with 87 points
  • #55H - Mike Hudson (Weyburn, SK) - 10 position with 84 points

Four slots are also taken up in the IMCA Hobby Stock pool. 

  • #97R - Diesel Raynard (Lampman, SK) 1st position with 113 points
  • #15 - Connor Hansen (Torquay, SK) 2nd position with 111 points
  • #98H - Kayden Hjorteland (Estevan, SK) 8th position with 94 points
  • #99 - Cash Saxon (Lampman, SK) 9th position with 93 points

"We've been represented very well from the Estevan Motor Speedway so far in the tour and I think people can just look forward to great competition and higher car count numbers tonight," Pierson added. 

Speedway play-by-play announcer and former racer Riley Raynard expressed that the Canadians have been in contention to win at each race. 

"We've been really, really good how the Canadians have been showing up. It just speaks to how competitive we have it up here in Canada, up in Estevan. It's just amazing to see all these drivers doing so well."

The Tougher than Dirt Series at the Estevan Motor Speedway kicks off tonight at 7:00pm