As summer nears, more and more people will be driving to various events on the weekend. However, drivers are reminded that they cannot have any open alcohol in their vehicles.  

"Essentially, the way the law is written, you can't have open alcohol or beverage containers in the vehicle whatsoever," explains RCMP Cst. Daniel Gaignard. "It doesn't matter whether you're the driver or the passenger. Your alcohol has to stay closed and in its packaging until you arrive at your destination where it can be consumed."

"It is not acceptable to drink in the backseat."

He adds that the fine for open alcohol is $360 and while it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure all passengers are behaving correctly, the person who has the open container will be the one who receives the ticket. 

"If we find the beer can in your lap or on the ground at your feet, your're the one ending up with that ticket."

He also mentioned that with that, they have the lawful authority to seize all the alcohol in the car open or not and dispose of it.

"So not only will you end up with a $360 ticket, you're also going to end up losing your beverages that you were planning to drink at that barbecue or that beach party or camping."