As March comes to a close, we're excited to showcase the wonderful pets that have been submitted for this month's Perfect Pet Contest. From loyal dogs to cuddly cats, our community has shared heartwarming stories and adorable photos of their beloved companions.


RyderHello! This is our girl, Ryder. She is 10 years old. She has to go everywhere you go and loves riding on the side-by-side with her nose in the air, smelling everything around her.


MiaMia is very energetic and cries when she is excited she loves to play catch but often forgets to bring you back the ball. Mia is an affectionate lover so will overwhelm you with kisses. She is full of character so never fails to make you laugh doing something goofy. Mia loves food as a result she gets very happy when she sees grandmas truck pull in the yard and will follow it till she stops as she has come to learn there are treats in the back seat and the pockets of grandma so if she sits pretty enough she’ll get a snack.

Miss Kitty

Miss KittyShe has to be right beside me. She sits on the printer when I am at my desk. I had to put a phone book on top of the controls because she would step on them and watch the paper come out.


MooseMoose is a 1 year old American Straffordshire Terrier/Mastiff mix. His neckname is lost and found. He loves car rides,playing with his brother and sister, but most of all he loves food. He is the biggest baby you will ever meet.


NeemoThe best kitty in the world


MokiLittle Miss Moki may be tiny but she has a BIG personality! She’s my back surgery recoup buddy, loves talking to friends outside and playing with her big fluffy bruffer Sammy who is more than twice her size. Her name means Deer and is so fitting cause she can jump high enough to rattle the screen door handle!


TobiasHe’s energetic, full of spunk and his personality keeps us laughing at all times.


MikkoMikko is 3.5 years old. He loves the acreage life and going for walks up the road. He is well behaved and is especially good when “dad” has to sleep for night shift. He loves company whether that might be people or other dogs.


TankHaha tank heard daniel say that if we don’t enter your pet he’s going to tell our pet that we don’t love them lol we’ll tank heard that and look at me sideways and wimpered jk Tank is a bull mastiff and the biggest suck he thinks he’s a lap dog and weights 130 lbs He has his own spot on the couch and if you sit there he’s in your lap he’s my watch dog on the farm he can’t understand why the porcupines won’t be friends and the black and white kitty’s leave him smelling so pretty and the best part he can bounce like tigger when I come home from work Life would be boring without my furry buddy love you my boy.


SophieSophie was born yesterday March 24/24 Our little neighbor Hudson thought Sophie was a great name for this new baby her mother is a 6year black angus and Sophie’s dad is a registered black angus bull named roughrider Sophie is so quiet and well mannered she is going to be very spoiled and very happy to add her to our heard!

Stay tuned as we announce the winner tomorrow, March 26, during the 8 o'clock hour on SUN 102 and Country 106.1. Dawn Klassen from All Creatures will join us to reveal which lucky pet will take home the title and the coveted $50 gift cards to both All Creatures and Rodeo Dawg.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to celebrate the bond between humans and their pets. Keep an eye out for the winning pet announcement and get ready to submit your own furry friend for the April Perfect Pet Contest.