So I spent a good hour or so switching back and forth between TSN and sportsnet's non-stop tradecenter coverage of the NHL deadline day.

During that hour the discussion was whether or not the Dennis Seidenberg trade was a better deal for Florida or Boston, it was then I realized, we might be going a little bit overboard with this trade deadline thing.

Don't get me wrong, I am as passionate about the game as the next guy, but there a point that it become too much?

Is it worth getting a verbal warning from your place of work because you were caught on the Jay Onrait live tradecenter blog chat while at work? (this didn't happen to me by the way....I spend my time wisely)
<shifty eyes>

I leave you now with a picture I found of two polar bears playing hockey...cuz, as I said, i spend my time wisely)

Till next time, keep it real!

-Matt in the mornin'