The southeast is looking at quite the tough storm as up to 40 centimeters could be seen here in the southeast.

The system is drifting over much of the southern and central prairies, but it'll be centered especially on the area around Estevan and Weyburn.

With 15-25 centimeters expected Wednesday, and more to come on Thursday with a bit Friday, there's quite a bit that could pile up.

Scott Kehler, Weatherlogics CEO and Top Scientist says that at least not all of that snow will be sticking around.

"Keep in mind, with the strong April sun, some of this may melt, especially in the early part of the storm, so some of the accumulation may be a little bit lower than you expect, especially on some of the darker surfaces like roads or a parking lot, a bit more on the grass."

With a snowstorm so close to the freezing point, that's likely to come down in a wet form, which could be dangerous.

"Whenever you have temperatures near zero and some weather involved, that always makes the snow wetter and stickier so in areas where there's really heavy accumulation there could be some issues, but the good news is since this is happening in Spring we don't have any leaves on trees which makes a big difference in things that could potentially obstruct power lines."

Winds and that snow are also likely to create adverse driving conditions - you can get all of the updates on road conditions on our road reports page.