Farmers are finally able to finish one of the more stressful times of their year, with seeding done or nearly done for most.

The southeast was firmly behind most of the province, having more moisture.

That stalled seeding efforts, with some other problems also coming up for farmers that pushed the efforts back more.

That was the experience of Estevan-area farmer Merv Hagel.

"It's been going well for us. It's been a little slower because we've had other issues besides the dampness and the wetness. We've had a few breakdowns and stuff that kind of held us back a little bit here, so it's dragging on a little longer for us than it should be." 

While plenty of moisture did present a small problem, now more moisture is what's needed to get the plants going and keep them growing.

That needs to be through the growing season, says producer Troy Adams.

"With this recent heat spell, we could really use another rain actually on some of the lighter land. It doesn't take very long to dry things out when it's 30 degrees every day. It's kind of split the farm, some of the land has received a couple of inches and some has just had a couple of large showers. So it's been really spotty and really hitting us." 

Overall, both Adams and Hagel are optimistic about the rest of the growing season.

"I think everything looks pretty good right now as long as we keep getting a little shot of rain here and there to keep things rolling," said Hagel, "But I'm just doing some canola here and now and it looks it's up pretty good. So that looks pretty good right now."