Highway 13 at Redvers is in second place on CAA Saskatchewan's Top 10 Worst Roads, with under two weeks left of voting.

Like eight of the other nine roads on the top 10, potholes are the issue identified for Highway 13.

Redvers has not been a finalist in the top 10 before, according to CAA Saskatchewan records dating back to 2013.

The current ranking is:

1. Saskatchewan 44, Eston: potholes

2. Highway 13, Redvers: potholes

3. Butte Street, Pilot Butte: potholes

4. Saskatchewan 9, Whitewood: potholes

5. Saskatchewan 30, Eston: potholes

6. Coteau Street West, Moose Jaw: potholes

7. Saskatchewan 5, Buchanan: poor road maintenance

8. Saskatchewan 123, Petaigan/Ravendale/Pemmican Portage: potholes

9. Highway 9, Hudson Bay: potholes

10. Old Highway 35, White Fox: potholes

Voting runs until April 25. The final list is expected to be released on April 26.