While temperatures are dropping down to feel a lot like the middle of winter, a lack of snow means that image might not be complete for a while.

While there has been snowfall over the past couple of months, sometimes being intense, subsequent has melted that off and presented the possibility of a brown December.

There is still a chance of snow, though the current forecast for the southeast is showing a lack of precipitation.

Warning Preparedness Meteorologist with Environment Canada Natalie Hasell explains that's thanks to current conditions.

Right now, we don't see anything particularly well organized. If you do have a cloud, there's maybe a chance of flurries since our clouds will probably be in the right temperature range to produce some precipitation. But right now it's a little far from the weekend to really see anything clearly organized and the clouds that we're expecting tomorrow really shouldn't produce all that much. So right now we're not expecting any precipitation or any significant precipitation in the next several days."

That's setting up a real possibility of a brown December or even Christmas, as Hasell reports that it's been particularly dry around the southeast.

Anything that does fall may stack up and give a bit more of a winter feel before that.

"If you do get any snow between now and Christmas, it will most likely stay on the ground or stick around for that amount of time. So it's not completely, absolutely sure that we'll get a brown Christmas, but it will very much depend on what happens between now and then of course. I don't have a forecast that's detailed enough that goes out that far, not yet, so we'll have to wait and see."

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