Some snow could fall into the southeast this week even as spring is beginning to rear its head in the area.

A system is moving across the prairies, mainly focused on dumping snow into southwest Saskatchewan and southern Alberta.

Our area could still see some snow off of that system, says Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang.

"It's kind of questionable whether you folks will get any snow or not. So some models show the snow staying further to the West and that's consistent with when the cold air comes down, it tends to hold the systems further to the West. Some other systems bring them a little bit further east. So you guys will be right on the edge."

If any snow does reach the area it won't be too heavy.

"It doesn't look like anything too much in the way of accumulations, maybe a couple centimeters at most. When the weather pivots around sort of Sunday into Monday," said Lang, "We might see more in the way of snow, depending on what the weather system does." 

If any snow does end up piling in the southeast, Lang says that won't stick around for too long.

"The sun is high enough now so often the snow doesn't stay long and sometimes even if the temperature does stay below freezing. We call it sublimation meaning that the snow doesn't have to melt and then go into water vapor and into the sky, it kind of skips the melting phase."

Even with the sun in the sky and spring warmth around the corner, Lang cautions people that a big storm could be around the corner over the next couple of months.

"Colorado low season, we're just getting into it now. So we either have March or April are generally the Colorado low season. So we still got lots of time in that season." 

Lang reminds people to dress warmly with colder temperatures coming in, and to check the highway hotline for road conditions before heading out.