What a Golden way to end the best Olympics our nation has ever seen.
No we didnt own the podium but we owned a place in the heart of the world
And had our national anthem roared through the crisp air the most at the games... fourteen times!!!

From Start to Finish,from the lowest of the lows
(The tragic passing of Nodar Kumaritashvili, the Georgian luge contender who was killed during a practice run or Joannie Rochettes passing of her mother)
To the highest of the highs ( Alexandre Bilideau starting the gold rush off and winning it for his brother...TEAR)

These games have exposed our firey patriotism and our animalistic
side of competition,But we still showed our curtious and humility side
COC president John Furlong said it best "I believe we Canadians
are stronger, more united, more in love with our country and more
connected with each other than ever before. The Canada that was
with the Canada that now is."

Many of my favourite moments that stand out:

-The glitches during the opening ceremonies,
 and poking fun at it during closing ceremonies.

- Joannie Rochette winning bronze

- Crashes in short track, first the 2 Koreans crash,
  then controversy with the Koreans DQed, then Apolo DQed
  with Canada winning 2 medals.

- German speedskater (women's team) wins by crawling
  to the finish line

- The Lysacek/Plushenko controversy

- Men's and women's hockey finish with Carlyles
  Brenadan Morrow and Regina's Ryan Getzlaf and
  Sasatoon's Mike Babcock as champions

These games were a success on all levels from the Athletes,
Coaches, Broadcasters (That Brian Williams is a touch of class!)
and the 24 hour coverage that at any time of the day sucked you
in for hours. And the fans all across this nation
You all can Stand proud for you have worked hard for it.

But now that they're over... how about going back to other things?
Reading? Walking? Working out? Calling friends? Planning a real-life
trip to an upcoming Olympics!

I can't wait for Sochi in 2014