With the arrival of spring, communities across southeast Saskatchewan are once again rallying behind a crucial cause: supporting the Saskatchewan STARS Air Ambulance. Southern Plains Co-op, known for its steadfast commitment to community service, has kicked off its fundraising efforts for STARS, aiming to surpass last year's impressive $13,980.69 donation.

Brooke Spagrud the marketing manager at the Southern Plains Co-op, shared insights into their initiatives during a recent interview on SUN 102. "We're really proud that we're able to donate $3 from every 6-pack sold," Spagrud remarked, "they're kind of a special cookie that's not on the shelves all of the time and our bakeries do a really good job of putting the little helicopters and everything on there too. Everybody loves them, from the big kids to the little kids."

The fundraising doesn't stop with cookies. The Southern Plains Co-op has also introduced helicopter donation cards, available at all their locations for a minimum donation of $2. Moreover, April 5th marks a pivotal day in their fundraising calendar. On this date, they will donate 5 cents per liter of fuel sold at select gas bar locations in Oxbow, Carlyle, and Estevan. "It's just another way for us to continue to support STARS and do it in a way that makes it easy for people," Spagrud emphasized.

As the fundraiser progresses, the Southern Plains Co-op invites residents to join in the effort by purchasing cookies, contributing to the helicopter donation cards, and fueling up on April 5th. Every act of support, no matter how small, plays a crucial role in ensuring the continued operation of STARS Air Ambulance, an indispensable lifeline for Saskatchewan communities.