It wasn't an ordinary day in Macoun on Thursday.

A Canadian Pacific Railway train derailment just west of the tiny village Thursday morning forced some residents to have to evacuate their homes.

Macoun mayor Suzanne Kuchinka said that fortunately, not many residents had to be displaced.

"We actually only had five homes that we had to evacuate here within the village, and then we do have a few R.M. residents that call our community their base," Kuchinka said. "But luckily, I think being that we're such a small community, people didn't have to go far to find somewhere comfortable to wait out the evacuation order."

Kuchinka added that many people were able to stay with friends and family in the area. She said she grew up in the area herself and had never really experienced anything like it before.

"I'm only two years into my first term, so this is definitely a different perspective on things...I've never really had to be a part of something like this thankfully," she said. "There was definitely some nerves going into it when I got the call that we needed to instate the state of emergency and to evacuate a few our residents."

"With being a small community, these people are our friends and our family at some point, so knowing that they were going to have to be displaced from their homes and that there was children involved and pets involved, those are all things that you don't really like to have to be a part of."

Kuchinka added that the response from the Canadian Pacific Railway, the province, and emergency responders was excellent.

"Everyone's safe, so that's the good news from the day," she said.