The two Tim Hortons locations in Estevan have presented their fifth and final cheque towards the Centennial Park, as part of their SMILE cookie fundraiser.

After the five years that were agreed upon, the total has risen to $59,432, with the amount going up through the majority of those years.

The years break down with 2023 raising $14,240, 2022 raising $12,639, 2021 raising $12,291, 2020 raising $8,365, and 2019 raising $11,897.

Owners Ryan and Mandy Irwin were at the ceremony, with Ryan saying the money has gone to a good place.

"All proceeds for the Smile cookies have gone directly here. On a day like today, it's definitely warm enough. I'm sure they'll be kids using it today, so it's nice to see it put back into the community." 

While it's the final year for that money to head to Centennial Park, the fundraiser will continue while the Irwins look at new initiatives to help out.

"Actually, we're going to be opening up applications to see where our charity needs to go for the next few years. So if anyone out there wants to get their name out there, we'll have some communications coming out shortly to get it to stay in the community."

Irwin says that he hopes the next batch of fundraising from the SMILE cookies will be even better.

"Just want to thank everyone from the City of Estevan and the staff from those stores and their efforts, the volunteers that helped with cookies this year, that was great. So hopefully next year will be even more."