March is coming to a close and it's time again to choose a winner for the Perfect Pet contest!

LILO is an excitable shepherd/husky cross! She loves life, loves people, loves other dogs! She also loves chasing squirrels and in this picture she was standing on her back legs, trying to reach the squirrel in the tree above her!


Goldie is rescue cat from Hudson Bay. She arrived at our son's acreage and was taken by our daughter in law to the vet. She was treated for ear mites and an infection on her dew claw. The Vet gave her all her shots. We got her as xmas gift and brought her home to Estevan. We love her lots.


Stella & Myron are besties with lots of energy. They love going to All Creatures to play.

stell and myron

Mia is a very loving puppy she loves to give kisses and have all the attention and get jealous easy and insist on forever being a lap dog.


Kylie just had her 4th birthday on March 15. She was a rescue from the Estevan Humane Society, the smallest of a batch of 10 pups. She is mixture of Rottweiler, German Shepherd and Elkhound. She does a 2 mile run everyday, even after having 2 leg surgeries by the age of 2. She barks to keep the tumble weeds out of our yard and thinks that all humans are stopping by to see her. She sticks by our side as a faithful companion, loves snacks, loves using our Italian leather sofa as her bed and loves playing with the neighbor dogs. Even after 11 months of continuous shedding each year, we wouldn’t be without her.


My cat Face is more of a person than most people. He is 2 years old and almost 15 pounds, is a farm cat and gets jealous easily. He learned how to knock on a door by standing all the way on his hind legs and play with the door handle. He’s a very handsome stud.



Carrots is a 9 month old Holland lop bunny.