s harvest approaches, Saskatchewan roadways will become more occupied with large farm machinery heading from field to field. Each year, there are a small number of collisions between motor vehicles and farm equipment.  This type of collision is significantly more likely to result in an injury.

Keeping in mind SGI’s “Just Drive” campaign, the crown insurer says it’s even more important to drive without distractions and be prepared for whatever you might encounter. 

In a release, SGI offered other road sharing tips:

  • Farm machinery is slow moving, so you’ll come up on it quickly when driving at highway 

  • speeds.

  • You’re even more likely to see farm machinery on grid roads, which are narrower and offer drivers less space to pass.


    Do not pass unless you’re sure that it’s safe to do so. Take it easy, slow down and enjoy the scenic country views if you can’t safely get around the equipment until it leaves the road.

  • It’s important to be patient and remember that the person driving or towing that farm equipment is likely moving it a short distance from one field to another.

  • Following too closely may put you in the farmer’s blind spot. Hang back a bit.

  • The machinery may not have turn signals.  Drivers preparing to pass farm equipment should make sure that the farmer isn’t about to turn left into a field. Look down the road and anticipate where the farmer may be going. 


    When you do pass, give yourself plenty of space, because farm equipment can be deceptively long and wide.

Over the coming weeks, our province’s agricultural producers are going to be working long days as they harvest their crops. If you like to eat, one way you can thank a farmer is by keeping them and their equipment safe on the roads.