Work continues after the Town of Radville lost its town office and fire hall to a fire in November of last year.

Amanda Wolter, assistant administrator with the Town of Radville, recently gave an update on the recovery process.

"Right now, we are obviously in the process of working with insurance and trying to get the site cleaned up. We are currently working on some preliminary drawings of designing a new building." 

Wolter said that they are currently in a different location: "We are running out of our cold storage shop that has an office in it."

Wolter said they are hopeful that they will be in the new building by the summer of 2024, with construction slated for the spring of 2023.

The new buildings will be the same as before, she explained, with the town hall, the shop, as well as the fire hall, and then the public meeting room in the council chambers.

"We are looking for donations to the fire department to help them replace the equipment that we lost," Wolter added. "Obviously, we lost two of our fire trucks in there and all of our equipment within there."

Those interested in donating money to the rebuild can donate to the Town of Radville, and donation receipts will be issued.