There's been an increase of thieves in Estevan targetting conveyances of the self-propelled, two-wheeled type and the engine-powered, four-or-more-wheeled variety.

The Estevan Police Service issued a pair of notices to the public on Tuesday.

One reminded the public to lock their vehicles, as police received several reports of unwelcome people entering unlocked vehicles. Police said you should remove any valuables from vehicles, especially the ones in plain sight.

"Thieves walk through neighborhoods, trying vehicle door handles hoping to find an unlocked vehicle," said the statement. "The best way to prevent vehicle burglaries is to remove all of your valuables, lock your vehicle’s doors upon exiting and take the keys with you inside your residence."

The other warning pertains to bicycles. Police have noticed an uptick in bikes being stolen in the city. 

"Police are asking the public to secure your bikes inside your yard, outdoor storage shed or garage," said the statement.

You can contact the Estevan Police Service if you notice anything suspicious at 306-634-4767.

There are several ways to protect your bike from being stolen, and increase your chances of recovering it if it does go missing. Read about them here.

Here are the calls of service reported by the Estevan Police Service for Tuesday:

Report of stolen bike and a vehicle that had been gone through in the north end of the city.

Report of an assault that had taken place in the north end of the city. Members are still investigating.

Several bikes located in various areas of the city.

Report of a suspicious person at a local business. Members are still investigating.

Several calls to keep the peace where individuals were moving their items out of a residence. Members attended and mediated a resolution for the night.