While the whole month of January has been above-average in terms of temperature, this weekend is set to get even warmer.

Temperatures will be skirting near the 0-degree mark Sunday, with some sunshine coming out as well.

All of that will likely lead to a bit of melt, both of ice from last weekend's freezing rain and some of the snow that's piled up.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Janelle Gergely says that any runoff is likely to freeze all over again during the overnight periods.

"You will see a re-freeze of anything that melts during the daytime, there will be some slippery conditions, especially during the morning."

Some extra precipitation is also coming down Sunday, though the high temperatures won't be enough to keep it from dropping as snow.

"Right now it's just looking like a chance of flurry, there is a risk of freezing rain over the central parts of the province but as you move south it looks like the temperatures will be more susceptible to snow. That snowfall is coming with a cold front that is moving through," said Gergely, "so in addition to the flurries you'll see Sunday, a northwesterly wind will develop Sunday night that might bring some gusty winds to the area as well."

The sun over the weekend is not likely to last, as more systems over next week bring in more grey skies.

"Average for this time of year is negative ten, so the forecast looking out is still above normal which is quite nice. The sunshine may not last," said Gergely, "I see there's sun n the forecast for Saturday, so enjoy that because there's a series of systems that might move through during the week so it's going to continue to bring the cloud cover."

After that week, Gergely says that she's seeing more cold come in, signaling an end to an unusually warm stretch of temperatures in the southeast.