The Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association (SSA) was happy to see the big snowfall over the weekend.

Leah Switzer, executive director of the SSA, said the trails will stay open a couple weeks longer now thanks to the snowfall. 

"It really helped extend the season. We were getting to that time where if the weather continued warming up with no new snowfall, we would've started to see trails close, especially in the southern portion of the province."

The SSA's season usually comes to a close in March. However, some years last right until the end of April, primarily in parts of northern Saskatchewan. 

When the weather warms drastically, trails are normally shut down due to snow melts and signs falling off the trails.

Switzer says that if things had warmed up to that point, it would have been easy to rejuvenate the trails after the snowfall.

"We would have had volunteers go out, reinstall signage, and make sure the trail was all good to go." Switzer remarked. "It's very easy to groom [the trails] again and have them open back up."

With the weather warming up, the SSA thought they would have to start closing down trails soon. Fortunately, the snow came right in the nick of time for Switzer and her club members. 

"We hadn't had any snowfall here for a little while," Switzer commented. "That new snow really helped smooth out the trails and make riding more enjoyable."