With the city's recent purchase of the former Kal Tire property at the 5th Street and 13th Avenue intersection, Discover Estevan asked residents what they would like to see done with the space. Here's a summary of the responses we received on our Facebook page:

Many people would like to see something fun built for the kids. Jessica Blair writes "Something like energy outlet would be amazing! The kids are seriously missing the indoor play park."

Blair moved to the city last August and has two kids of her own.

"We have the Leisure Centre which is amazing for our community, but on those minus 40 days you don't want to be going to the pool and coming out with wet hair right?" she said. "An outlet like Energy Outlet would just be amazing for the kids in the community especially in this colder weather."

"I know my kids are always asking if we can go back to the indoor place, and we're just crushed that I have to tell them 'no sorry it closed.' So I just think that would be an amazing addition to the city."

Energy Outlet closed late last year in Estevan.

Lacy Kay Wilson agrees. She writes "Some kind of indoor fun for kids. Arcade, trampoline park, go carts, bounce castles, kids have been so greatly affected by covid let's remind them we can play with kids and have fun again!"

Meanwhile, Joanne Willows writes "Definitely something for kids. We don't need more parking space. I've never had a problem parking in this city."

But Brenda Mosley was quick to disagree. "I'm for more parking," she wrote. "It is horrible trying to park at the Post Office."

Leanne Saxon wrote that she was "Surprised the Canada post didn't buy it for more parking."

Regan C. Bouchard was more skeptical of the city, saying "I imagine not much useful. Did they have a plan before they purchased it?"

And Geoff Belitski simply stated "Burger King."

The city previously said it is waiting for input from George Harris Collaborative, who is consulting on the project, before deciding on what to do with the property.

The city acquired the site as part of its downtown revitalization project.

The city is also encouraging input on the project and you can provide your opinion here.