For Quebec construction company SNC Lavalin, there's been a lot of national attention on their charges for fraud and bribery in international markets. They've also had contracts on a number of different projects throughout Canada, including the Boundary Dam CCS. 

Back in 2015, design flaws with the carbon capture facility were put on display when they found the plant running at only 40% capacity, meaning the CCS project only took in 400,000 tonnes of carbon in a year that it was slated to take in at least 1 million.

We reached out to SaskPower to speak to them about if recent developments heading to federal court have changed anything, but because they're in arbitration with their own case regarding the design flaws, they aren't allowed to say too much. That said, SaskPower spokesman Joel Cherry released this limited information to us:

  • SNC-Lavalin was notified of their placement on SaskPower’s bid restriction list on July 21, 2016, and has not been awarded a contract since the restriction.
  • SNC-Lavalin must settle all claims by SaskPower in relation to their contractual performance and provide satisfactory evidence they have corrected their practices prior to reinstatement to bid to SaskPower.
  • SaskPower is currently in arbitration with SNC-Lavalin, and we can provide no further information.