With the last week having the southeast play host to an extreme cold warning for a few days, the weather has taken quite a change this week in comparison.

In the southeast, multiple towns are reporting temperatures near zero degrees, with the occasional rise into the positives.

That's working to make the previous cold spell a distant memory, though there are still some reminders of that with 10-15 centimeters of snowfall on Christmas day.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Shannon Moodie says a lot of that snow was soon followed up by a different form of precipitation.

"We had a couple of systems moving through Saskatchewan over the past couple days, spreading some snow through the area, and then yesterday the system spread quite a bit of freezing rain really along highway 1."

While the extreme cold has gone away, the unexpected warmth won't be staying for too long either.

"That is gone today, so just left with some lingering light snow, and some low clouds, but temperatures will be quite mild today. But then you're going to see the wind shift to the north-westerly and things are going to cool down tonight. But really just being around normal for this time of year, so not too cold."

As a whole, the weather is expected to calm down as the new year begins, with average temperatures and no storms in sight.

"That's really what the normals for this period is, not seeing those minus 25-degree temperatures, so it's okay. There are no big systems that we're tracking right now, so it looks like it'll be pretty benign for the future."