TS&M Woodlawn Golf Club will likely be another beneficiary of the busy month of May in Estevan with Affinity Place hosting the Centennial Cup.

General Manager Amanda Minchin said the club is looking forward to hosting golfers from across the country who have an extended stay in town while the tournament plays out.

"We've already seen a few out-of-towners popping in here. We're doing our best to accommodate everybody...we're a very in-demand golf course," Minchin said. "If you're from out of town and want to play with us, give us a call, we will make it work...we will fit you in somewhere. It's just a very exciting time for our city and we want to ensure that everybody leaves here with a great idea of what Estevan is."

"We're expecting a very busy week."

The course opened last Thursday. Minchin said the heavy rain last weekend was helpful given the prolonged drought conditions in the south east.

"It definitely helped and we've done some extensive work on our golf course this past spring and winter," she said "The rain is welcome and we just hope now it comes in a little bit more consistent rainfall rather than all at one. The course is looking good."

Minchin added that the last two years have been insanely busy even with the COVID-19 restrictions, with golf being an outdoor activity that could still be played during the pandemic. She's hoping for a semi-normal year this year with the restrictions being lifted.

"We're hoping that everybody who found the love of golf during the pandemic comes back to see us," she said.

Minchin said a lot of the club's charity events that weren't able to run the last two years will be returning this year.

Woodlawn will also host the Saskatchewan Senior Championships in July.