Photo Creds: Lucinda Milford

The storm that hit Estevan on Thursday caused a lot of damage to property, Lucinda Milford who lives just out of Estevan was one of the people affected by the storm. 

"I actually had only been in the house for about 5 minutes when the power went off. I Just sat and waited for the kids to come home on the bus and they literally walked in and said, woah it's really dark out, and it instantly started pouring. 20 seconds after it started pouring, it was instant hail and it was big like it was golf ball sized hail and the wind was unbelievable."

"I got the kids away from the windows, I never got a warning or anything that a lot of people seemed to in town. I just got them away from the windows, we all went to the couch and it got so loud, it was horrific and unbelievable. The sound, the way it was hitting the windows, I thought for sure my windows were gone. It didn't stop, it was the scariest moment of my life. We bunkered down and tried to stay close, Sheldon was actually north of town so he was not around at all. I did get up and take some pictures so that he knew what was going on, but it was a lot of devastation really," stated Lucinda. 

"It was incredible, there was actually a tree on the other side of our road that is half uprooted, it's a 30 foot tree and I don't know how it is still standing. There's another one in my pasture that snapped right in half, it's so big and it's just completely gone. The house, all the sheds are like that, the barn, 3 vehicles for sure, camper, everything is just destroyed and the debris, to look around is unreal." 

"The kids are good. I'm taking it obviously harder than they are because I'm trying to stay strong for them but I don't think it's really hit them with how bad it was and I don't want them to have that focus. Now knowing how bad of a strom it was, it's even more scary now than it seemed at the moment because it setting in. The kids bounce back a lot easier because they're kids but I do know that Roy ended up awake in the middle of the night scared, had a bad dream about a tornado and crawled into bed with his brother. The kids are exhausted but I think they'll bounce back a heck of a lot easier than we will," she stated.

"There's so many people around that got the warning and I didn't. I had no idea it was even coming and the way our tree line is from the direction the storm came from, I had no clue. There was no way I would have even been able to see it coming towards me. To have that warning would have been fanatstic but I feel like I would have panicked a little bit more."

"At the end of the day we are okay, everything else is materialistic and can be replaced or fixed, we can't be. I'm just thankful that we were okay. I've got to be positive about it, I can't beat myself up or be negative about this situation, it is what it is and mother nature can't be beat. We just have to keep moving forward." 


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