New details released by Ottawa are shedding some light on what homeowners are going to be faced with if a carbon tax is implemented in Saskatchewan.

A group known as the Canadians for Affordable Energy commissioned President of Laszlo Energy Services, Richard Laszlo, to study what it's going to mean. Laszlo's report has some concerning figures.

"Second part of the federal plan applies to anyone who's consuming petroleum products like gasoline with diesel, natural gas, propane, any fossil fuel."

"Regardless what type of fuels you use you will pay a carbon tax - essentially if you're using natural gas in your home, there's a certain price per cubic metre that's been published and you'll have to pay that. Filling up your car at the gas station, you'll pay a certain price per litre on gasoline when you're filling up."

Laszlo believes that homeowners will likely see a 10% increase in their heating bills next year with another 15-20% increase by full implementation in 2022 if the carbon tax plan goes ahead as proposed.

"Roughly 80% of homes in Saskatchewan depend on natural gas for heating. By and large if you're heating your home with natural gas - so you've got a gas furnace, you've got a hot water tank that relies on natural gas - you will see your gas bill increase."

The other side of the story, however, is the proposed rebate residents of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and New Brunswick would receive once the carbon tax is implemented. Residents in those provinces would begin getting rebate cheques, which are based on household income and family size, which would help offset the cost of higher bills and gas prices.

According to research done by Canadians for Clean Prosperity, a group run by Mark Cameron – Stephan Harper's former policy director – families in Saskatchewan could receive more money back than what they pay in extra prices. 90% of money collected as part of the carbon tax, whether from businesses or residents, would be returned directly to residents, allowing households to potentially receive more back than what they pay.

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