The Carlyle RCMP are still asking the public's assistance in looking for Ruby Barnes who was last seen in Carlyle on June 18th.  

"We are diligently trying to determine where this individual would be right now. People are providing us with information and we're following up on all tips we are receiving."

Barnes was last seen driving a 2013 white Ford Escape with Saskatchewan license plate 969 KPI.

"If you see the vehicle, call the police. A white Ford Escape is a common vehicle but the license plate is there. Don't hesitate to call the police."

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The Carlyle RCMP also received a report of a child approached by a male in a vehicle. 

"We are investigating an incident where a young girl was spoken to by a male in a truck and he may have offered her a ride. We're still investigating that file."

"It could be pure innocence where someone who does know someone offered someone a ride and they didn't recognize them, it could be more than that and we're taking it seriously."

He added that the girl did the right thing in running to a friend's house for help. 

"And call the police right away. Don't delay, don't hesitate, don't be ashamed, call the police right away so we can start our investigation immediately."

He adds that the faster they can get the information, the faster they can locate the individual.

"Say hypothetically it's raining and someone offered someone a ride if we get a report right away, we can go locate that vehicle and eliminate that subject. But the longer the time delay for us, the more difficult it is for us to come in."

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