The Yellow Vest Movement continues to make a difference in our country as the Convoy made its way east to Parliament Hill where the United We Roll Convoy could be better heard. Local representatives have been meeting for months in front of city hall, but as provinces throughout Canada united together to see if they could make a difference.

Jay Riedel from Carnduff, "It was really well received as there were quite a few people there. Trucks lined the streets, and police kept one side of the street opened, of course, we took up all of Wellington as it was blocked off. And with Ron Barr who put all of this together, we have been working with him on and off for the past 2 months to do the logistics of it. We had the Ontario provincial police had all the intersections blocked off for us to come into town, for us to leave town. The police presence was unbelievable, and with all the signs on the highways coming in, the signs said the traffic is going to be slow as a truck convoy is coming in. The city made it easy for us to get all of these trucks in and through town."

The Canadian supporter along the way Riedel had to make note of, "Once everyone knew we were coming through, they would be standing outside on the side of the road, and each little town there were kids out there. Flags flying and even one evening, one of the reserves were shooting fireworks off for us. We would pull into these little towns and people would come out with boxes of sandwiches, and cookies. There was even one little town that brought out cupcakes with United We Roll on them like it was just amazing. The support we got through this whole thing. It blew us all away.

"The lead car that was in front, he would radio back to tell us what's coming up, and he would be in tears, he couldn't even talk he was crying so bad."

With a convoy of this magnitude the logistics involved were well thought out, "You know to take a couple hundred people driving down the highway, and you know we had 3 strategically placed radios. We had the rover who was up in front, he was up about 4 to 6 kilometers ahead of us. Then there was the lead which leads everyone through, and then there was a guy in the middle and someone on the end that we called the tail. The Rover ahead was if there was any trouble or accidents ahead, he would radio back to tell us to slow down or speed up. It was like a well-oiled machine, and to take that many people 1000 of miles or kilometers across this country without incident. The flow was just great, spacing was great, and we worked on it. And to just come into a town and have people line up, and we would get out to have a big speech as to why we're doing this." Reidel was proud to be a part of such a united front and to meet one of the organizers Glen Carritt, "He started out and put a big decal on his truck and its a beautiful with veterans and the background. His intention was to get everyone along the way to sign this decal. Well, his whole cab of the truck is signed, the hood, the doors, the fenders, everything is signed. There are so many signatures, that he is going to have to clear coat that, and hang it in his garage or something. It was just amazing."

They had a variety of speakers present, "Parliament was good, we had over 20 speakers. Joram an immigrant from Weyburn who came to the city 23 years ago, and he talked about how long it took him to be a Canadian citizen. And he's mad about how people are just allowed to walk across the border, I mean this guy came from Kenya and he's mad about all of this. People are trying to say the Yellow Vests are racist, but I think we proved to a lot of people that didn't believe us."

Riedel adds, "But I'll tell you what we did do, we united a country, like never before. This is History."

 "To drive through the towns and see all the support we had and the Canadian flags, I bet from Estevan to Ottawa we saw an excess of 10,000 flags."

When asked Riedel mentioned as to why he was involved, "We want to put people back to work, you know we want the West to be prosperous, the East to be prosperous again. We can't have Canada without it working like a finely oiled machine too. When it's working like a finely oiled machine, no one has issues and everyone is working. We want to have the values that we've had since we were kids. And anytime we have a government going off track, we're going to get out and be there."

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