On Saturday night a very large audience of Weyburn residents and visitors were treated to a very special one-of-a-kind improv comedy show at the Cugnet Centre. 

Colin Mochrie (best known for his many years on the hit TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway?) and his wife of 29 years Deb McGrath (known for her role as the mayor on Little Mosque On The Prairie) entertained Weyburn with the first performance on their tour of their One Couple Show. Weyburn also had the honour of being the only Saskatchewan city on their tour.


Mochrie meeting Weyburn's Tommy Douglas.

20180129_005423_rmedited-770x1213.jpgMcGrath shared a photo of Weyburn's sunset.


Colin_Deb_Before_Show.jpgMochrie and McGrath getting ready for their ONLY Saskatchewan show!

Discover Weyburn's Denis Conroy got the opportunity to sit down and chat with Mochrie and McGrath about their One Couple Show, their love-life, upcoming projects, their daughter coming out as transgender, their stay in Weyburn and many other topics as well. Check out the video below:


The crowd laughed and shed cried tears of joy. A local couple was used for one of Mochrie and McGrath's improv skits because the couple had been married for a whopping 72 years. They incorporated many other locals in their show as well. One younger couple got to voice Mochrie and McGrath's sound effects for one skit and they took several audience requests and ideas as well.

We asked some of the attendees what they thought of the show and made sure to interview the couple that was married for 72 years. Take a look at that video below:



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