The Snow Queen although set in a "land of colored ice," this classic tale will warm your heart in its illustrative retelling by a group of fun-loving, imaginative hobgoblins. As they depict the journey of a young girl and her quest to find her best friend, you may just find yourself believing in malevolent mirrors, yetis, talking reindeer, and snow chickens! Blizzards can come at any moment, so strap on some snowshoes and get ready to discover what it takes to overcome chilling obstacles, keep resilience alive, and melt down the Snow Queen's icy walls.

Melina Granberg the Chair for the Concerts for Kids series which is a part of the Estevan Arts Council, "We brought in the Missoula cast, they came this week to put on a one-week production and present our play."

Granberg adds, "We had 62 kids audition and we were so happy that they all got a role this year," and Granberg adds. "It's amazing what they can accomplish in one week, they come to audition not knowing what role they are going to get. What part they are going to get and how long they have to be there. And they just know that whatever role they get, they're going to do really well at."

As for the kid's performances, she adds, "It was spectacular, they did amazing like they always do."DSC02933

"We always get a great crowd and repeat parents, because one show is never enough for them." 

As many people came prepared with blankets, the theatre was chilly as the first day of fall brought through some colder temperatures, "Its always kind of a downer to see it kind of cold here, but the kids it doesn't faze them. It doesn't faze the crowds coming out, and that's why we bring them every single year back because its a crowd pleaser."

Kiarra Biette played the part of the Snow Queen, "It was very fun and it was a good learning experience." 

When working with the other children Biette had this to say, "It was fun, we definitely worked on team-work skills and we had a blast."

"This part I could never ask for better, like its awesome." Biette encouraged others to come and try out for future parts.

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