New, stronger laws related to impaired driving introduced back in November will be coming into effect soon. 

"Consequences for impaired driving were already tough," shared Tyler McMurchy, Manager for Media Relations with SGI, "and as of September 1st, they're going to be even tougher. This includes stronger penalties for drug-impaired drivers and for impaired drivers who transport children."

"As of Septemeber 1st, there will be zero tolerance for drug impairment and that applies to all drivers. This includes marijuana, even after personal use becomes legal on October 17th."

For those caught driving with a blood alcohol of .04-.08, they will find themselves with stiffer penalties. 

"If you have any level of impairing drugs in your system that is detectable by a federally approved screening device, or if drug impairment is indicated via standardized field sobriety test, even it's a very low level of impairment. Any amount can trigger a three-day vehicle seizure and a three-day licence suspension."

If you are driving with a child under 16, with a .04 - .08 blood alcohol level, get ready to pay more and not have your vehicle for longer as well. Those in the graduated licensing program will face a driving suspension of 18 months. Experienced drivers will be issued a roadside suspension and vehicle seizure of 7 days for the first offence, 30 days for the second offence and 120 days for the third offence. 

"What this does is it sends a message that it is never okay to drive impaired whether it's by drugs or alcohol. This new legislation really reflects the seriousness of this offence." 

As well, any driver, experienced or in the graduated licencing program charged with impaired driving under the Criminal Code, will have their licence suspended until their charges are concluded in court and their vehicle immediately seized for 30 days.

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