The Saskatchewan Mining Association (SMA) is expressing their disappointment in yesterday's announcement from the federal government regarding the Carbox Tax.  

“Saskatchewan’s mining sector, which employs 30,500 people in all corners of the province, cannot afford bearing additional costs that competitors in countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Niger, China and Brazil aren’t subject to, particularly against a backdrop of sustained low commodity prices,” said Pam Schwann, President of the SMA in a press release. 

“Mining companies operating in Saskatchewan have been proactive in reducing their environmental footprint over the past decade, including decreasing GHG emissions intensity. For example, Saskatchewan’s full lifecycle GHG emissions intensity for potash is only 29% of the global average; Saskatchewan uranium is used to power clean baseload energy in the United States, Europe, Asia and closer to home in Ontario and New Brunswick, and innovative CCS technology captures C02 emissions from Saskatchewan’s coal-fired power plants. Our companies are global leaders in sustainable mineral production,” added Schwann.

She added that the world needs what Saskatchewan produces 

“If we aren’t producing these minerals, other countries with lower environmental, safety and social standards will. We are part of the solution to addressing climate change against a backdrop of growing global population with an emergent middle class. The federal government’s acceptance of the province’s Prairie Resilience Climate Change Strategy recognizes the role of Saskatchewan’s mining sector in providing sustainable mineral production for the world,” stated Schwann.

“Our members have worked diligently with the federal and provincial governments in developing a pragmatic system to address global climate change while ensuring the sustainability of Saskatchewan’s mining industry. We will continue to reduce GHG emissions intensity, so that the province, Canada and world continue to benefit from a vibrant Saskatchewan mineral resource sector,” said Schwann.

Instead, the SMA supports the provincial government's Prairie Resilience plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which they believe will cut emissions while still provide for a stable mining industry. 

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