The Canadian Government are sitting in the new session for 2018 in less than two weeks.

Souris-Moose Mountain's Member of Parliament, Dr Robert Kitchen is preparing to return and carefully reading through the Carbon Tax Legislation.

"The latest thing that has just come out is the proposed legislation that the government has put forward on Green House Gas Pollution pricing Act, is what 
they are calling it and that basically is dealing with the Carbon Tax."

Dr Kitchen is looking to see how the Saskatchewan Government Plan for Emission Reduction will play out and how it works.

"We have the Carbon Capture plant in Estevan and the power plants and the last I hear is SaskPower is negotiating with the government dealing with 

Carbon and Sulfur are being taken out of the air through the carbon capture plant.

"What they need to do is to be considerate of all aspects of Canada."

Kitchen would like to see the federal government be fair for all provinces.

"In the Maritimes, they do not have a plan."

"In Ontario and Quebec, they talk about Cap and Trade, where they trade off. Why can't we here in Saskatchewan where we have the carbon capture which is 
taking out a lot of the emissions on the one plant and be able to cap and trade within our plants?"

Kitchen noted how New Brunswick have a tax on gasoline and their plan is to rename that tax as their carbon capture tax.

"It's got to be fair and we are not seeing that we are not seeing that across the provinces."

Earlier this week it was reported that the Liberal Government proposed that provinces that sign up to have a carbon tax, will receive a rebate.

"In some ways its blackmail, you sign my document, you get some reward."
Kitchen likens it to Pavlov and his dogs,"I'll give you a reward if you do what I want you to do."

"My Riding is very rural. I have a lot of farmers who do tremendous work. They sequester an awful lot of carbon into the ground with the task that they do. They are great stewards of the land. There's no recognition for the fact that they are sequestering that carbon in to the ground by the simple thing 
we learn in grade 9 science, Photosynthesis."

Kitchen hopes to see a plan put in place in Saskatchewan which is beneficial to the province and the country.

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