The South East Transportation Committee has planned the work for 2018.

"On Highway 18 we're grading and paving out from Torquay. High way 8 and 13 near Redvers, we're doing a grade and pave there. High way 1 we're resurfacing from Fleming to the Mantioba border east bound and through Moosomin. We are doing a partnership with the RM and the ministry on highway 361 and 318 over in the Alida area. That's some of the major dollars that we're going to spend," explained Dennis Moore the Chair of the South East Transportation Planning Committee. 

"We are trying to catch up on entrance on bridges, east of Estevan on the overpass that's been corrected and they've paved on both the east and the west side and made it a lot more nice and smooth. The thing we need to do now is the dirt and debris that accumulates on both sides of that overpass. The danger with that is even in a rain storm rather than the rain running over the edges and getting away, everything runs down the road. In the winter time that can be even more dangerous with the ice gathering and so we've chatted with the powers to be." 

"We have just recent got some new people in charge, our friend in town here that had been with the ministry for 44 years just had a retirement party on the 1st of June and so we got a new person to show what we would like to have caught up," stated Dennis.

"In this corner we've been pretty lucky, the projects for 2017 we included with highway 9, highway 39, highway 8, highway 47, highway 48 and high way 1. We've done pretty good, the trick is for people to bring an issue to our attention." 

"We also worked on the everyday things in 2017 like cat tails and access trees that are in the ditches. We've got to keep those trimmed up and we have to decide what part of the budget we are going to use that for because maybe there's more important things, but when it comes to visibility and you're driving those roads you don't have much of a chance to see before hand what's going on. We try to pick on the heavier areas and make sure we get them," he shared.

"The railway crossing by Beinfait is on the agenda and we're working hard in hand with them, we've just got to wait for the railroad people to give us a call and we have to pave once they repair it. I think that will get done sooner than later because it's been on the agenda for a long time and is brought up in every meeting." 

"47 South is another one that needs to be dealt with. They are doing their utmost to keep it intact but we're saying no we need a permanent fix and we need to have it in front all of the priorities because that's the only way it will get done. Highway number 9, that's over due for a recap travelling that way from Alameda and going north. It's pretty rough, it's not broke up but it's pretty rough. The thing is if we don't repair it while it's still repairable then it falls apart and it costs us a lot more money." 

"We try to get everybody involved, that's why we have the RM's at our table and they are out hauling their produce around the country so they get a first hand look at some of the things that need to be corrected, be it signage, railroad crossing, or areas that should have red flashing lights. They also report when you have to put up a red diamond marker to let the public know there's a rough road or a pot hole or whatever," expressed Dennis.

"As things move along it's calmed down quite a bit we're kind of getting our fair share out of the dollars in the corner, we certainly can't complain but we can't back off either. We have to keep everything in front of them and then they will make the final decision. We're the eyes and ears of the transportation system, they will make the final decisions." 

"Minister David Marit, he's really gotten around and being as he's a farmer and been involved in transportation for awhile he's a real asset to us so I hope they don't put him into a different portfolio. That's what happens, you start to get comfortable with someone and then they move on to a different department.'

'We like to think we're keeping on top of the real serious stuff and what we'd like to see happen. We just got to keep it forward and push on it. Like the guys said to me, I know one job really took a long time and I said to him what happened and he said Dennis you took your foot off the gas. He told me straight out, when you've got something you've got to keep on it you can't let it slide." 

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