The Yellow Vest Movement continues to grow in Estevan as they continue to meet every Saturday. But is it falling on deaf ears as the majority of the prairie provinces are in support of the protest? Jason Corbeil in charge of registration for the upcoming convoy, where the Praire provinces are taking their peaceful protest to Ottawa.

Corbeil explains the plan, "We're leaving on February 14th trying to aim for 8 o'clock, with trying to get as many trucks on the road at that time. We're leaving Red Deer February 14th with 4 stops along the way, with our first one in Regina. 2nd one is going to be around the Dryden area, the 3rd one is going to be Sioux St. Marie, with the end goal obviously Ottawa."

He adds about the number of people getting involved with the convoy, "Just about every stop, we have people from every province even some coming to meet us from Southern Ontario as well. And we're all going to meet on the West end of Ottawa and move into Ottawa together."

"So I'm sure everyone has seen the convoys that have been running, the rallies that run every weekend all over Alberta and Saskatchewan. I think we're at a point where we're beating a dead horse out here, and no one is really listening. People out here all in support of what we're doing so its time we took this message to Ottawa where they are more likely to hear us."

When asking Corbeil if he is excited about the upcoming convoy, "Absolutely, if you could see the number of people who are on board with what we're doing, the amount of support we're getting. The friendships that are being made through all of this, its beginning to be incredible. It's a whole different experience."

In regards to the Peaceful protest, Corbeil replies, "That's the message we're trying to get out. Canadians especially are a peaceful and respectful bunch, and we want to get that message out and that's the way we want to say it, peaceful and respectful. But there are going to be a loud bunch of trucks on the road."

"The big thing I think we're trying to get across is this isn't any one's movement specific, were Canadians fighting for Canadians on this and we want everyone to be involved."

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