There was attention drawn to City Hall this Saturday afternoon where a group of protesters called the Yellow Vest Movement took a stand on what is happening in Canada.

"We are protesting a few things about what's going on in Canada now, mainly with the Carbon Tax and the way it is pretty much shutting down the west," stated Jay Riedel, Lead Protester. "Everybody is trying to get work in the oil field and it's just been a hindrance to everybody."

"The Yellow Vest Movement was started here December 5th and there are over 60,000 members in Canada at this time. As of today[Dec. 15] every city the country, as many that can, are trying to protest everything right now with the Trudeau-liberals, with the Carbon Tax and a lot of the other stuff going on with the UN. We are just trying to show our support that we need to be heard, we need to get people back to work, get some pipelines built and whatever else we can."

Across the country, the Yellow Vest Movement has made the plan to meet every Saturday. They had over 60 people come out and show their support in Estevan and many more in the other cities across the country






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