The Yellow Vest movement has found it's way to the Energy City. A rally was held last Saturday in front of the city hall building with many individuals from Estevan and the surrounding area showing up. Another rally is planned for this Saturday in front of city hall at noon. There will also be a truck convoy that will start in front of Bert Baxter Transport, around eleven-thirty.

Jay Riedel spoke with Discover Estevan to share the reasoning for the rally and to also clear up some misconceptions. 

"We're looking for a peaceful protest. We just want to be seen and heard, and not to cause any violence or chaos". Jay said in reference to how other yellow vest protests have been taking place in other parts of the world. 

In regards to the Carbon Tax. "It's going to undermine any attempts to capitalize on our fossil fuels, and it's going to burden the taxpayers that are already trying to make ends meet". He continued. "The hardships the Carbon Tax will have on people will be pretty astounding. It will increase the burden on those who have already been struggling in the oil field and coal industry. It will add extra costs to power and heating in homes as well as fuel for transportation, from people's vehicles all the way up to the large trucks that are bringing in goods". As far as the rebates go, "I honestly don't see it having an impact on people's expenditures".

Another major issue for the Yellow Vests is the lack of an oil pipeline to get our resources to market. "If we were able to get these pipelines built, it would inject millions of dollars into the country at all levels. It creates thousands of jobs, boosts the economy". Jay added, "We've got to think about the younger kids, as their growing up they're going to have this debt to pay, and without jobs or future prospects, they'll be stuck with this debt for the rest of their lives".

"I'd like to see as many people out there as we can". Jay Continued. "If your interested in trying to get things changed in this country, show up at city hall Saturday. We'll try to do it every Saturday that we can, as long as people are interested in coming. Bring your signs. You don't have to have a yellow vest if you don't have one, that's fine. Just your presence there is all we ask".

Jay also spoke on immigration and equalization payments between provinces. The full interview can be heard below.

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