10-Second Challenge Questions!

It's Friday, 7 AM, waking up in the morning! Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs. Gotta have a bowl of cereal. Seeing everything, the time is going. Ticking on and on, and every bodies rushing. Gotta get down to the bus stop, I see my friends! Kicking in the front seat, sitting in the back seat. I gotta make my mind up. Which seat I can take. It's Friday!

The 10-Second Challenge begins around 8:20. It's the best way to set your self up for a fantastic weekend! Up for grabs? $20 Gift Card to Eleven24 Social house. Make sure you are ready.

This weeks questions.

1. Where do sharks live? The Ocean

2. What day is it today? Friday

3. What is 10 + 1? 11

The 10-Second Challenge, Every Friday with Eleven24 Social House and Sun 102

WoodStock 50 Line Up!

I'd like to start by asking all of the performers to not play Fire by Jimi Hendrix. Some might remember that at the last Woodstock, people started lighting the place on fire while the Red Hot Chili Peppers were playing said song.

Now for the real reason you came here... Some of the key headliners that are often times played on Sun 102 and the American Top 40.

Day 1

Miley Cyrus and Akon

Day 2

Chance The Rapper and Portugal The Man

Day 3!

Jay-Z, Imagine Dragons, Halsey, Common, and Earl Sweatshirt

Here is a link to the complete list of artists.

A Lovely Ladies Luncheon with a Special Guest

Todd and Lara Moroz with Solid Rock Ministries came in to talk about the Lovely Ladies Luncheon coming up on April 13th.

This year Caleste Crosschild will be the guest speaker. Celeste is an accomplished marathon runner, an inspirational speaker, and a wife and mother of 4.

The event starts at 11:30 with doors opening at 11 in the multi-purpose room at the Estevan Leisure Centre. For more information or to purchase tickets, contact 306-640-8603 or at [email protected].

Pigeon Sold For $1.4 Million!

Recently Armando the racing pigeon received a record bid of $1.4 million at auction! Armando is considered one of the fastest long distance racing pigeons of all time.

Before Armando the record sale for a pigeon was $427,00, but Armando is not like other birds. There were two Chinese bidders that drove up the price within the last hour of the auction. The highest bid was sitting at $603,000 then shot up over an aggressive show of bidding to $1.4 million.

The breeder who put Armando up for auction has sold a total of 178 pigeons for more than $2.5 million. Seven of those pigeons being Armando's offspring!

Discover Estevan has it's own auction going on right now. No pigeons available for sale, instead a plethora of great items from local businesses from around the area!

Discover Estevan Online Auction

Erin Wilson With Pertinent Information On City Wide Registration

On Tuesday the City of Estevan's Program Manager Erin Wilson Came in to talk about the city wide registration coming up. 

On April 2, people can show up to the multi-purpose room at Affinity Place to have their children signed up for various sports, camps, and other activities. The doors open at 5:30. 

There is also a need to help people understand how they can sign up for swimming. You can sign up in person at Affinity Place, but there's also the option to do it online, which is a lot easier.

There is everything you need to know in the interview, plus some common misconceptions are cleared up.

100 Kids Who Care

Mandy Irwin and her two sons Hudson and Graidan stopped by to talk about 100 Kids Who Care and the event they have coming up on the 20th. 

Both the boys raised $10 dollars each and will get to vote with the other children on where the money will go to help out the community.

A big thank you to Mandy, Hudson, and Graidan for stopping by and coming on Sun 102!

10-Second Challenge Questions

The 10-Second Challenge with Eleven 24 Social House is coming up at 8:20. 

This is your chance to win $20 dollars from Eleven 24 Social House. It's the best way to kick off your weekend, and we want to help you win! 

The Questions

1. Who are the Bruins playing tonight? The Humboldt Broncos

2. Do dogs bark or meow? Bark

3. What colour is a banana? Yellow

The 10-Second Challenge, every Friday with Eleven 24 Social House and Sun 102

Johnny Witzke Talks Hockey With Sun 102

Today Johnny Witzke stopped by to share his thoughts on the upcoming playoff series against the Humboldt Broncos. We also chatted about last weeks skills competition and how he became the Bruins most accurate shooter.

The series starts tomorrow, make sure you come out and support our guys!

Estevan Arts Council Presents Heather Rankin

This Thursday, Heather Rankin will be gracing the stage at the Estevan Comprehensive School at 7:30. 

Wilma Mantei with the Estavan Arts Council stopped in to share some information about the event. She also had a surprise announcement!

Tickets will be given away for this great concert on Wednesday and Thursday on Sun 102. Make sure you listen for your cue to call at 7:50 and 8:50.

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