Sarah Pippus with the Hillcrest Breakfast Club is making a huge difference at the school and you can to.

“Fairly similar numbers, we’ve actually been up this winter, I think mostly just due to weather conditions and things like. Its nice for them to come get warmed up and have breakfast with us. We’re probably running at the 75-80 mark. Which is about 3/4 of our population in terms of numbers.”

“Lots of our volunteers are away right now, because they are snowbirds that go south for the winter. But they will start to trickle back in, and we’ve had people help out just over the winter months while they’ve been away.”

Pippus explains about volunteers, “That is something we are always interested in, just even getting new people involved in the program is a nice thing for the students. I always feel like the more people they meet from the community, the more they feel apart of their community. And that’s a really nice way for them to meet people, to do it in the comfort of the breakfast program. Cause its on the students turf instead of them going out into the community.”

If you would like to volunteer you can get a hold of Sarah Pippus at Hillcrest School, the phone number is 634-4931.

“And that’s a good way to touch base with me and then I can set them up with our reminder system that we have for volunteers. And its not a lot of time actually, its less than an hour once a week. So its really such a small commitment of time. And I always find our volunteers get just as much out of it as our kids do. So I would be happy to set you up, or get you to talk to other volunteers, or just have you try things out and see if that is something you are interested in doing. Its really flexible. It runs everyday of the week.”

One hour a week is such a small commitment, let Sarah know if you can help out. is Estevan's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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