Les Peters and Hector Beb traveled from Guatemala to share a taste of Guatemalan life with the Energy City last night at the Alliance Church.

Les was born and raised in Saskatchewan, but ended up in Guatemala for the last 18 years. As to what they were doing last night, "Hector is essentially going to be sharing his story over his last 30 years. He was a student in one of our schools, and now he is one of our key leaders. He is an example of a life that has been transformed and lifted out of poverty. And he is going to be telling his story."

Tuesday nights presentation, "Basically, we want to give a snapshot of what's happening in Guatemala, and its best to hear from a Guatemalan who has lived through the poverty, who has seen the corruption, who has felt that despair when there seems to be no hope. A person who has experienced the transforming power of the Lord in his life, and applying biblical principles in his life. And see how that turns everything around.

Peters continues, "We have 1,500 students in our schools and our ministry is primarily focused on education in communities where many children don't have the opportunity to attend school. In a country where the average amount of education is 4.2 years. For somebody to graduate to grade 12 and go onto University and get a degree, this is nothing short of a miracle. And that is Hector's story and there are dozens of other people like him."

Peters shares, "My wife and I are founders of the ministry, its called 'Impact Ministries' and it was founded in Canada 20 years ago. And we've been on the field now for 18 years, so in that sense Guatemala is our home. I'm really feeling the cold outside, and I know all of the people here in Estevan are saying 'this is nothing yet' and I know growing up on the prairies its going to get a lot colder, but I haven't acclimatized yet."

"Hector saw his first snow last week, and I'm just enjoying showing him my home province."

"The Estevan Alliance Church, they have come to see us a couple times. They have seen our children, and families first hand, more than anything we want to say thank you to the people who have been involved. We have a sponsorship program, where the people of Estevan have contributed to the ongoing efforts of the ministry and schools, by sponsoring the children."

After a great conversation with Les and Hector I also learned how they helped out with the efforts and all of those who were effected by the volcano throughout Guatemala, as thousands of people were left without homes or lost family members. And for more information about what they do and how you can get involved http://www.impactministries.ca/.

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