Lorne Wagner from Bienfait, Saskatchewan was one of those in attendance as the Civic Auditorium Time Capsule was being opened.

When asked why he was there, “I’m very interested in, we were told as young children that when they put the time box in the Civic in ‘57. Everybody that would be starting school that year in Grade 1 would be in that Time Capsule.”

Excitedly he continued, “And now I’ve found my name, and its kind of neat.”

While reading the names of friends and bullies alike, “It’s so cool, because you forget about them because it was a long time ago. But now you see there name alongside you and it brings back a lot of memories.”

“Another thing is the Principal at Hillside, it seems like many years ago is not doing well. He’s in the Regina Hospital, so hopefully I will see his name in there. And everyone I went to school with at Hillside. And our Principal is a wonderful man.”

Lorne explained of his first grade teacher, “Mrs. Murphy, I remember her well and I was too young to be a trouble-maker. Later years I was the one kicked out into the hallway first thing in the morning. The early years Mrs. Murphy was awesome.”

“I’m really excited to see stuff about the Bruins, with the Humboldt thing just happening. A lot of people weren’t aware that the franchise was moved here. And that’s how the Bruins came about. I’m kind of anxious to see because I was a rink rat in those days, and we had identity tags like a drivers license. And we got to go into anything that happened at the Civic, we got to go in for free. But during the periods that the Bruins were playing, if you didn’t come down and clean ice and the two gentlemen that ran the crew saw you got a bit of a talking to. So I’m kind of anxious to see if theirs stuff along those lines. Cause there is so much history in that rink.”

He went on to explain his family ties to the rink, “My son-in-law whose a Police Officer, his uncle played here in the 60’s and he won the scoring race in Junior Hockey that year. Never knowing that my daughter would eventually marry the nephew of Ross (Lonsberry). Ross passed away a few years ago in California. He played and has a couple Stanley Cup rings with the Philadelphia Flyers and its all those things that I hoping to see in bits here and there.”

With such an amazing history in regards to the Civic it is no wonder many are lamenting as the walls continue to be torn down. But with each season, things change and new memories are made.

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