Insurance claims for hail damage are already through the roof, as residents of southeast Saskatchewan begin to sort through the aftermath of Thursday's storm that left large hail behind, and strong winds caused havoc with property.

With that said, Tyler McMurchy of Saskatchewan Government Insurance had a few tips for folks to keep in mind as they work to bring things back to normal.

"We do suggest that you clean up as soon as possible, being mindful of your personal safety. You can seek professional advice on how to clean up and take whatever reasonable steps you can to minimize the extent of the damage."

"(We) recommend not throwing anything out. You want to store those damaged items in a reasonably safe place so the adjuster can see them when they arrive. If you're disposing of items, take photos and a detailed list of what is being thrown away. You'll want to have any appliances, including furnaces that have come in contact with water, checked by a qualified electrician or plumber, or an expert in that field before you use them," he said.

"You want to move damaged or wet belongings to a dry area with good ventilation. One thing people should know, is to keep track of their cleaning time and expenses, as some of that may be covered through their insurance claim. We recommend taking photographs and video of damaged property to give to their adjuster."

He added for people to talk to their broker to see what can be covered and what is offered.