A man from Calgary spent part of Friday morning behind bars after getting caught driving a golf cart drunk on a city street.

Police were called to a harassment complaint at a 4th Avenue apartment just after 2:30 a.m., which is when they noticed him.

"As police were responding to the disturbance, they intercepted a golf cart that was travelling on 4th Avenue in the middle of the road," said Estevan Police Service Sgt. Tyler McMillen. "That vehicle was stopped, and a 29-year-old driver from Calgary was arrested for impaired driving."

McMillen said the man blew just over double the legal limit. Police plan on releasing him Friday morning with a future court date.

"No injuries, nobody was harmed," said McMillen. "Police did have to follow up to make sure the golf cart wasn't taken without consent. The owner of that cart was located, and did not wish any charges to be laid in regards to that."

Police are investigating a minor collision that they initially weren't called to, as it appears one of the drivers' vehicles was unregistered.

"Both drivers exchanged information, but the complainant came in because he suspected that something was not right when the other person indicated they didn't want police involvement," said McMillen. "Police did some investigating, and it appears that maybe the vehicle was unregistered so we'll have to do a follow up with that driver that had the unregistered vehicle."

McMillen said the person could face a ticket under the Traffic Safety Act for operating an unregistered vehicle.

And a woman stopped by the police station regarding harassing texts she received from a person she knows in a neighbouring city.

"She just wanted the police to be aware, and some suggestions and safety tips were given," said McMillen. "No criminal charges have been laid."

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