The Estevan Curling Club wrapped up a few of their leagues last night, capping off some of the matchups for their 2023-24 season.

Manager Pauline Ziehl-Grimsurd shared with us some of the results:

TS&M Doubles League:

1- Wallewein/Wallewein

2- Gedak/Gedak

3 tie-Fushia

3 tie- Peach

Great Western Recreational League:

1- Amanda Wilson

2- Devon Fornwald

3- Lawernce Hansen

4- Amanda Minchin Golf:

Open League:

1- ThirstyBird

2- Riley Wallewein

3- Devon Fornwald

4- Bill Kapiczowski

For those who want to join the league or get back to curling, Ziehl-Grimsrud says the leagues will be back this fall.

"We will be starting up at 3rd to 4th week in October. We haven't set our agenda for the upcoming season, but usually, by the 4th week of October, we're for sure curling."