Students from across Estevan were invited to enjoy a Bruins hockey game free of charge, thanks to what the hockey team called "a local donor."  

“The Bruins organization came up with the idea, obviously to grow the fan base, get the kids out, and for everybody to have fun,” said Tony Sernick, an Estevan city councillor who was in attendance.  

More than 1,300 students were expected to be cheering on The Estevan Bruins. The official attendance was 2,106, as the home team beat the Notre Dame Hounds 8-5.

Hillcrest School came out in full force with everyone from kindergarten to Grade 8 in attendance, said principal Kristy Johnson. 

“The atmosphere in here is incredible. They are going to put on a wonderful show, and the kids are pretty hyped."   

It only took 8:44 of play for the Bruins to jump to a 5-0 lead. 

There was a lot of momentum leading up to the event, which motivated the students to finish up assignments, and clean up their lockers before attending the big game, said Brian Hayes, a Grade 7/8 teacher from Hillcrest School.

“I am certain this is the first Bruins game for a lot of our students, and it's good anytime we can get out of the classroom and go experience the community. It is a great day, so we are happy to be here.” Said Hayes. 

The top producers from the Bruins were Ilia Chmelevski, with a goal and four assists, Keagon Little with three assists, and Kaelen Whittingham with a pair of goals.

Syles Ginther, a student in attendance summarized the event by saying, "school is boring, and hockey is more fun."

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